VBS ZOOM meeting information?


What video conferencing software will we use for VBS?

For VBS, we will use a video conference software program called ZOOM. If you have not already installed ZOOM, please go to the following website to install it on your computer or mobile device: https://zoom.us/download.

Where do I get the ZOOM meeting login information?

We will send out the ZOOM meeting information the day before each VBS, so you can log on.

Can I immediately join the ZOOM meeting, or do I need to wait to be let in?

For the safety of all participants and because we rely very heavily on registration information to run our VBS as smoothly as possible, we will use ZOOM’s Waiting Room feature. If your child has not registered, we will not admit him/her from the waiting room.

When should I sign onto Zoom?

Because we need to let children into the ZOOM VBS meeting room after confirming their identity, please sign on starting at 1:00 PM. From 1:00 PM - 1:10 PM, we will have a song and dance time to get the kids in the mood for VBS.

How will you know to let my child in from the waiting room?

When you sign onto ZOOM, you will be prompted to type in your Display Name for the meeting.

Please change your Display Name to your child’s first name that you used in registration + his/her last initial.

For example, a child who was registered as “Taro Yamada” would have the display name “Taro Y.”.

We will then compare that name to our registration records. For this reason, please do not use nicknames in the Display Name.

Location Request:

To avoid distracting others in the VBS meeting and to protect the privacy of other people in the home, please either set a background (available when ZOOM is installed on a computer) or try to have your child sit with his/her back to somewhere that people are not likely to pass behind.

For more information about Virtual Backgrounds, please see this ZOOM help page.