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The Gospel According to Luke: The Message and the Messengers

Date: Sunday, January 12, 2020

Series Description:

The book called Luke in the Bible, was written by a Gentile believer named Luke, who was a close associate of the Apostle Paul. He set out to carefully investigate the truth concerning Jesus Christ, using the eyewitness accounts of those who were with and knew Jesus and His ministry. His intent in writing this Gospel was so that his readers would know the truth regarding Jesus and what they have been taught concerning Him. It is our hope in studying this Gospel, that we too would better understand the truth concerning Jesus, so that we may better know Him and make Him known to others.

Sermon Description:

Leading up to this portion of the Gospel of Luke, we have seen how Jesus displayed His power and authority over nature and spirits, sickness and even death. The disciples learned from Jesus' teaching and healing of the kingdom of God, and now they were to be sent out as apostles endowed with power and authority by Jesus to preach the kingdom of God and heal the sick. Jesus also gave them specific instructions on how they should conduct themselves during their travels.


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