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HE > all: CHRIST --> Better Sacrifice Part II

Date: Sunday, June 3, 2018

Series Description: All authority is given to Jesus. He is our Lord. The Book of Hebrews goes into detail regarding Jesus' superiority over all things. HE is greater than all, and we need to affirm and live out this reality as His disciples.

Sermon Description: Last time we looked at the fact that Jesus' sacrifice was a better sacrifice than all the sacrifices made by the Levitical Priesthood because His sacrifice was a perfect sacrifice that fulfilled its purpose once and for all, bringing about our eternal redemption. The author of Hebrews now moves on to a discussion of the permanence of Jesus’ sacrifice and how it perfects the New-Covenant worshiper, something that the Old Covenant sacrifices could never accomplish. It is based on Jesus’ perfect sacrifice that we can and should live a life of faith and obedience in worshiping God!

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