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Sharing Sunday 12/31/2017

Date: Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sermon Description: On months when we have a 5th Sunday, we have a Sharing Sunday on that day. It is an opportunity for the members of the church family to share how God has been at work in their lives and to share any prayer concerns. Today's sharing time was especially meaningful, being that it was the last day of the year. After the reading of Psalm 111 and an exhortation to ponder some specific questions, three people were asked to share of what God has been doing in their lives. Alex shared of his experience of being a first time dad, enjoying his 2-month-old son together with his wife Lauren. Debbie shared of her experience in battling breast cancer, and how it has taught her to trust in God more intently. Russell shared of how God has been at work in his life in preparing him for his next step of going to Moody Bible Institute. As a church family, we were able to be encouraged and challenged through their testimony of God at work in their lives.

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