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Book of Ruth: Match Made in Heaven

Date: Sunday, November 19, 2017

Series Description: We will be studying the Book of Ruth this month. Every week we will study together a chapter of this wonderful book that tells of the awesome hope we can find in living in God’s redemptive story for mankind.

Sermon Description: Have you ever wondered about your future? Naomi was concerned about the future of her daughter-in-law Ruth, and seizes the opportunity that God provided for Ruth in securing her future by taking a big risk. We see the loyal love between Naomi and Ruth, and Ruth's faith and obedience as she does as she is told by Naomi. We also see how Boaz is God's perfect provision for Ruth as a kinsman redeemer, and see his faith and obedience in the situation presented to him. Ultimately, we too can rest in God's perfect provision of a redeemer for us, His Son Jesus Christ, and this too requires our faith and obedience!

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