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Excel Still More: Genuine Concern and Love

Date: Sunday, March 5, 2017

Series Description:

The Thessalonians are commended for their faith, especially in the midst of opposition and tribulation. Paul is genuinely concerned about their spiritual growth and maturing, wanting them to “excel still more” in their faith and in their love for one another. Paul exhorts the Thessalonian believers to remain faithful, and continue to work diligently. These are the very things that we also should take to heart in the midst of the world we live in today.

Sermon Description: Genuine concern and love for our fellow brethren will be shown through how much we are mindful of them; how much we take joy in their well-being, especially in regards to their faith in Christ; and how much we continue to pray for them. Paul and his companions did not treat the Thessalonian believers, or for that manner any believers, with an attitude of “Out of sight, out of mind”, but rather “In our mind, in our prayers.” Our genuine concern and love for one another should show forth these characteristics as well.

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