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愛のある家族としての機能-Functions as a Loving Family



A Church Pleasing to God (9): Functions as a Loving Family

Pastor Ichibei Honda

Have you ever encountered the perfect family? If you have, how would you describe that family? Do they never argue, never raise their voices, never roll their eyes, never complain? Do they always agree with each other, speak respectfully, always give thanks? To be honest, when you encounter the perfect family, please introduce them to me. The same can be said of a perfect church. On this side of heaven, I don’t believe anything can be perfect, including families and churches. However, God desires for us and commands us to love one another based on His perfect love for us. Thus, a church pleasing to God should function as a loving family. In order to function as such, it should be committed to unity and growth, which Jesus prays for us.



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