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共に祈る - Joining Together in Prayer


A Church Pleasing to God (3) Joining Together in Prayer -

Pastor Ichibei Honda


After Jesus’ ascension, His disciples waited in Jerusalem for the promised Holy Spirit. So how did they wait? It says, “They all joined together constantly in prayer.” Why did they pray and why is prayer so valuable and important for us as a church today? Because prayer unites us with God. When we pray, we pray to God the Father. We pray in God the Son’s, earthly name, Jesus. We pray led by the Holy Spirit. Before the Church was born, the community of believers all joined together constantly in prayer. We see prayer being an integral part of the church throughout the book of Acts. We also see the exhortation to the churches to pray in the New Testament epistles. Through prayer we are continually in close communion with God. If the Holy Spirit is where everything started with the church, prayer is the groundwork of the church. A church that constantly prays together is a church pleasing to God. (Ichibei Honda).





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