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共に宣教活動に参加する-Participates Together in Missionary Work


神に喜ばれる教会(11):共に宣教活動に参加する 本多一米師 メッセージ、バートン・スー兄 宣教報告

A Church Pleasing to God (11): Participates Together in Missionary Work - message by Pastor Ichibei Honda and mission report from Burton Sue

Missionaries are sent out by a church to share the Gospel and minister to people in a place other than where the church is located. Though usually missionaries are sent to a country other than their own, they can be sent to a specific community to minister in. Jesus gave the apostles, who were sent directly by Him to establish churches. Since the word apostolos also describes any servant who is sent by his master on any mission, “missionary” is a modern equivalent term. Not all of us are called to be missionaries, but all of us can participate together in missionary work through the exercise of our gifts in supporting them. We are connected to missionaries as a part of the body of Christ. In this worship service, we are blessed to be able to hear how God has been at work through the Sue Family who are missionaries in Japan.



Worship Service Video 礼拝動画

Message Audio (English Only) メッセージ音声

🎧Podcast ポッドキャスト



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