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Spirit of God Lift Me Up: Spirit in Christmas

Date: Sunday, December 2, 2018

Series Description:

God promised that He would give His Spirit to His people. Jesus reiterated this promise to His disciples, and encouraged them to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit to be given to them. Because the Holy Spirit is so key to our lives as followers of Jesus Christ, our new message series will be called 'Spirit of God Lift Me Up'. We will look at Scripture to learn more about the Holy Spirit’s powerful work throughout history and in the world today and in our lives.

Sermon Description:

Since we have been studying the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives in our Sunday worship services, you might have begun to notice more and more the mention of the Holy Spirit throughout Scripture. Today is the First Advent Sunday. So, as we get into this Advent Season leading up to Christmas Day, we will look at the work of the Holy Spirit as it relates to some key events in the Christmas narrative, and study Luke chapter 1 together.

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