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HE > all: Christ, Our Greatest Example

Date: Sunday, July 1, 2018

Series Description: All authority is given to Jesus. He is our Lord. The Book of Hebrews goes into detail regarding Jesus' superiority over all things. HE is greater than all, and we need to affirm and live out this reality as His disciples.

Sermon Description: Today is our Graduation Celebration Sunday. We rejoice with those who have recently graduated from high school and college in our church family, and want to encourage them in their continual spiritual journey of faith in Christ. Graduation is indeed one of the milestones that we enjoy in life, but it is not the finish line. We have many great examples of men and women of faith who have gone on before us, and we can learn from their example of how to endure hardship and continue to follow Christ. In our faith journey, we must not lose sight of Jesus and continually keep our eyes fixed on Him throughout our lifetime.

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