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HE > all: Living in Light of Christ's Perfect Work

Date: Sunday, June 10, 2018

Series Description: All authority is given to Jesus. He is our Lord. The Book of Hebrews goes into detail regarding Jesus' superiority over all things. HE is greater than all, and we need to affirm and live out this reality as His disciples.

Sermon Description: Starting today, we move into the second half of the Book of Hebrews. In the first half of the letter, the author laid down the truth concerning Jesus being greater than the three main pillars of Judaism. In this second half of the letter, the author gives practical instruction on how they should live based on this truth. Thus, this section begins with the word, 'Therefore,' in reference to all that has been talked about up to this point in the letter. The author's first instruction to the Jewish believers who were facing persecution for their faith in Christ, included both an exhortation and warning.

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