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Date: Sunday, March 11, 2018

Series Description: All authority is given to Jesus. He is our Lord. The Book of Hebrews goes into detail regarding Jesus' superiority over all things. HE is greater than all, and we need to affirm and live out this reality as His disciples.

Sermon Description: As in the previous sections of this letter, the author gives a warning to his readers based on the point that he has just made. Thus far the two warnings we have seen are To not DRIFT away from Jesus’ teachings because Jesus’ message is superior to that given by angels, and to not DEFECT/DISOBEY God as the Israelites did under Moses’ leadership because Jesus’ leadership is greater. The author now moves into his third warning to those he is writing to, and that is to not DEGENERATE! Positively put, they are exhorted, or rather challenged, to grow and mature in their faith in Christ. Negatively put, they are reprimanded for their immaturity and the fact that they are struggling with going back to Judaism because of the severe persecution they were facing as Jewish Christians.

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