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Book of Ruth: Being a Part of God's Story

Date: Sunday, November 26, 2017

Series Description: We will be studying the Book of Ruth this month. Every week we will study together a chapter of this wonderful book that tells of the awesome hope we can find in living in God’s redemptive story for mankind.

Sermon Description: As one begins the Book of Ruth, one may wonder why this story is included in the Bible. However, as you come to the end of the story, you see God's Story unfold. We come to see how Ruth fits into the larger story of God’s redemptive work. God’s Story is a story of redemption, just as the story of Ruth is about redemption. In Ruth's story, Boaz becomes the kinsman redeemer through which Ruth and Naomi find security for the future, and we see how Ruth becomes the great grandmother of David, and therefore a part of the genealogy of Jesus Christ. In God's Story, Jesus, God’s Son, is our Righteous Redeemer, through whom we have eternal security, and we are all invited to become a part of HIStory.

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