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Let's Get Real: Substance Abuse and Addiction

Date: Sunday, October 8, 2017

Series Description:

The fact of the matter is that we live in a hedonistic and worldly culture. As Christians, we need to understand the difference between the life that we are given by God through faith in Jesus Christ and a life that is void of God. If we have our ears tuned into the world more than God’s Word, then slowly and surely we will see that our so-called Christian culture will not be distinguishable from today’s hedonistic culture. For the purpose of conciseness and focus, we will be addressing three areas of our current pleasure-seeking culture, mainly “Sex, Drugs, and Rock-N-Roll”. Thus, we are getting real about this topic, and will deal with a biblical response to today’s “Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-roll” culture.

Sermon Description: As we address each of the issues of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, we will see that there is a God ordained standard by which we are to understand these things and live by. So now we move to the issue of 'Drugs'. The Bible does not prohibit the drinking of wine (use of “drug”), but makes clear the proper usage and limitations to its usage. The real issue is drunkenness or intoxication, and there are specific problems associated with substance abuse and addiction that have horrific and tragic ramifications. The question we need to ask ourselves is the type of influence that we want to live under, and as Christians we are to seek to live under the Influence of the Holy Spirit.

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