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罪が門口に待ち伏せをしないように - Do Not Let Sin Crouch at Your Door



Do Not Let Sin Crouch at Your Door by Pastor Ichibei Honda

In Matthew 5:21-48, Jesus provides concrete examples of the greater righteousness which He spoke about in 5:20. In Matthew 5:21-26, Jesus is giving His interpretation regarding the commandment, “You shall not commit murder”. Rather than focusing just on the act of murder, Jesus deals with what is at the root of murder that is the intention of the heart. The key issue or emotion involved here is anger. Specifically, Jesus is addressing seething anger. The title of the message is “Do Not Let Sin Crouch at Your Door”, and it is taken from what God said to Cain who was dealing with anger (Genesis 4:6-7). Sadly, Cain ended up killing his brother Abel. What can we learn from this?



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