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あわれみは裁きに打ち勝つ-Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment


Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment by Pastor Ichibei Honda

So far, we have looked together at four of the eight Beatitudes that Jesus shared with His disciples as recorded in Matthew 5:3-12. Ultimately, these Beatitudes lead us to seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33). It is God’s kingdom that we seek, which means that God is King. And He is a holy and righteous King. However, we are neither holy nor righteous. Yet, He invites us to come to Him. Thus, we must come with humble (poor in spirit) hearts to God, recognizing that the only hope for us is found in putting our faith in God’s righteous Son, Jesus Christ, who alone can make us righteous. We then progress from there in the succession of the Beatitudes. One commentary put it this way: “These verses, like the stairs of Solomon’s temple, cause our ascent to the Holy of holies. We are now mounting up a step higher.” For this Sunday’s worship service, we will look together at the fifth Beatitude (Matthew 5:7), and confirm that “Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment” (James 2:13).



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